Magnetic core memory reborn

Ben North
Oliver Nash

Image © 2020 Jussi Kilpeläinen, used under CC-BY 4.0

Jussi Kilpeläinen's core memory shield

2016-05-02 [updated 2020-11-12]

Jussi Kilpeläinen created a core memory shield, similar in some ways to ours, but using a CPLD instead of discrete logic for the decoding. He also adds one feature which was missing from our design — a blinkenlight. He then needed to design a revised version in 2019, as the CPLD was being discontinued.

He's made the design available in kit form on Tindie and posted a write-up on his blog with full documentation.

We have received a couple of enquiries about a kit, but we didn't have the time to put one together, so it's great that this is now available.

(Just to be clear, we have no commercial links to this product.)